The most important devise for your home

house fireWe buy all types of electronic devices for our home, but the most important is a smoke detector.


According to FEMA* as of September 2013, there are an estimated 236,200 residential fires reported each year. Unfortunately, 19,000 deaths, over 8,000 injuries, and an estimated 5 billion dollars in property damage occurred because of these fires. As bad as that sounds, it is important to note that at least 209,000 lives were saved from death or injury.

As far as the Fire Marshal is concerned, having a smoke detector is extremely important. If fact, with the building code that is now in place it is impossible to build or remodel your home without having the proper smoke detection permits. The code ensures that each home has smoke detectors properly placed in specific locations throughout your home and that they in fact do work properly.

smoke detectorCurrently California has passed several smoke detector laws that will take effect starting January 1, 2015. This means that the Fire Marshal will not approve smoke alarms that do not have manufacturing dates displayed and the date the smoke alarm was installed. They must also include a hush feature, which will allow homeowners and firefighters the ability to manually turn off the very loud alarm sound. Additionally, they must include an end-of-life feature that will give notice when the device needs to be replaced. **

It would be advisable to confer with your local city building department or fire department to ensure you have the correct equipment, that it is functioning properly, and that it meets California code requirements. Adding a smoke detector in every room of your home gives you peace of mind knowing you have taken the necessary precautions for a safer home.

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