For Sellers

When it’s Time to Move On

Sometimes you need a bigger home or maybe the other way around, often it’s a career move. Sometimes it’s planned for months and other times is much more spontaneous. Whatever the timing or reason, selling your home is a thoughtful, often emotional and always important financial decision.

Once you’ve made the decision, we’ll help you from start to finish with solid advice, precise market data, creative ideas, first class marketing and most importantly, strong results. Think of it as a theatre production where your home is the star and our job is to help you prepare to outshine the competition.

The First Steps

We’ll get to know you and listen to your goals, priorities and needs. We listen carefully and take the time to find out what really matters.

We’ll help you understand the current market in your neighborhood. This information will help you know how and where to price your home.

Any leading lady needs a little help in looking her best and this includes your home. Fresh paint, clean windows, rearranging furniture can all make a difference in a first impression. If you need some help in deciding what to do, our team includes a talented design consultant who will come to your home and give you an independent assessment loaded with great suggestions.

We’ll find out about the nuts and bolts of your home – literally – through property inspections and disclosures. It is advantageous to be in the know and share any existing conditions or repairs with buyers in advance of negotiations.

Lights, Camera, Action

We’ll have lots of cameras rolling as we get ready to put your home in headlines. Professional photographers will shoot stills and videos for our expanding on-line media advertising platform reaching millions of potential buyers worldwide. We’ll have press releases, brochures, print copy ads and advertising schedules developed for your review prior to publication. When everything is in place, we’ll go live with broker tours, private showings, open houses maximizing our ability to bring you the greatest attention and exposure.

The Grand Finale

Negotiating to the highest possible price is our skill set. We are savvy and creative negotiators with backbone, a sense of humor, and an easy and competent style.

After the Close

Our service extends long beyond the sale and we are always most satisfied when we’ve made a friend along the way. We have strong ties to our communities and enjoy sharing resources and connections. If you’re moving far, we have excellent referrals in numerous locations and would be happy to make an introduction.

We would love to talk to you about your plans. Contact us today!