Los Altos Hills Real Estate

Los Altos Hills is a premier Silicon Valley residential community. It’s located adjacent to the City of Los Altos, thirty-five miles south of San Francisco, five miles south of Stanford University, and seventeen miles north of downtown San Jose. With 8.4 square miles of dramatic natural beauty, a historic downtown, and thoughtful residential development, it’s no wonder that advocates for Los Altos Hills’ incorporation were dedicated to “the preservation of the rural atmosphere of the foothills and orderly and unhurried growth”.

The Town of Los Altos Hills was incorporated in 1956 as the 14th city in Santa Clara County. Its initial population of 2,500 has now grown to more than 7500 residents. Zoning has remained the same since its inception–a single “residential-agricultural” zone, with additional permitted uses such as public and private schools, churches and synagogues, recreational clubs, and other facilities compatible with noncommercial communities. Residents are encouraged to become active in the town’s governance, to serve on committees, and participate in local events.

A distinctive quality of Los Altos Hills is its rolling hills, picturesque valleys, numerous creeks, and dense woods. This natural topography allows Los Altos Hills to serve as a natural buffer between the more heavily developed urban Bay Area and the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains. It enjoys a mild climate with only rare extremes of temperature. Many residents enjoy the rural nature of Los Altos Hills by using the extensive pathways system, enjoying the views, visiting the preserves and meeting neighbors in the process.