Should I Wait until the Spring Market to Sell?

I always defer to current market conditions when answering this question and this year, my answer would be to list now. There is very little inventory in our major market areas and still strong buyer demand. A home was listed by Coldwell Banker in Portola Valley last Saturday and received 4 offers by Monday so clearly there are ready and able buyers. While many buyers are paying cash, those who are borrowing funds are seeing interest rates tick up motivating them to lock in rates before additional increases occur.

Here is a summary of current Active Listings and the number of sales YTD in various towns & cities in our area:

18 Active Listings
70 Sales Year to Date

21 Active Listings
93 Sales Year to Date

12 Active Listings
60 Sales Year to Date

16 Active Listings
72 Sales Year to Date

19 Active Listings
287 Sales Year to Date


22 Active Listings
361 Sales Year to Date

If you would like additional market data, just give me a call at 650 888-1886. We track our markets carefully to assist you in your decision making process.

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