San Carlos Real Estate

Early in it’s history, the City of San Carlos (pop. 27,718) adopted the motto, “City of Good Living”. That phrase stuck and is still used daily.

With an ideal climate, charming neighborhoods, a thriving downtown center, its own small airport, and a light industrial sector, San Carlos continually attracts new residents and businesses. It’s located 23 miles south of San Francisco, between Highway 101 and Interstate 280.

San Carlos is a place for people who treasure a warm sense of community. The relaxing, old-fashioned downtown area includes a mix of excellent restaurants and eateries, antique stores, and unique shops.The focus is on walking, not driving. Business is good, leaving merchants clamoring for space among the busy storefronts. People also enjoy strolling the beautiful neighborhoods and catching up with their neighbors.

In addition to all this, the San Carlos schools are outstanding. They rank consistently high in statewide lists. There are also excellent services for youth and seniors–and recreational programs for residents of all ages.

The business community and the people of San Carlos claim that maintaining quality-of-life is always their goal as a community. “It’s the measure of all the things that make a community great to live in.”