Menlo Park Real Estate

In 1853, two Irish immigrants found the pasture land near the Bay so similar to their homeland of Menlough, Ireland, that they purchased a 1700-acre tract and marked the front gates, “Menlo Park, 1854”. When the first railroad track came in 1863, this end of the line needed a name, but had none. The railroad official looked around, saw the gates, and decided that “MENLO PARK” would work. Today this station still stands as the oldest California station in continuous operation.

The City of Menlo Park (pop. 34,600) is on the Peninsula about 30 miles south of San Francisco. Some consider it the financial heart of Silicon Valley–several of the venture capital firms that funded the 1990s dot-com boom are based there. Headquarters of some of the world’s most successful companies and research institutes are in Menlo Park, not to mention Stanford University just next door. With an exciting arts and entertainment scene, beautiful scenary, year-round outdoor activities, unique educational offerings, and a lively downtown district, Menlo Park has much to offer professionals and students. But there is more to this upscale, educated community.

The majority of Menlo Park’s population consists of families. Menlo Park prides itself as a city with old-fashioned values located in the high-tech center of Silicon Valley. The picturesque downtown district is surrounded by beautiful, walkable neighborhoods: quaint bungalows, convenient cluster homes, glamorous estates, new executive-style housing, and more. Homes hold their value. There are tree-lined streets, city parks, and excellent schools. In fact, Menlo Park schools report some of the highest test scores in the state.

Menlo Park is a community that truly seems to have it all.